Ch. 11   Áine of the Gold Heart


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Eara sits, stunned both by the magic of the encounter and her joy at this unexpected finale to a story that had once seemed wholly tragic. (But with The Good People, Eara reflects, things are often not what they seem!) Then Eara notices a woman, clearly of the Otherworld, standing on the shore not far away. She glows like those in the regatta, but with a liquid warmth like molten gold. Dressed in a sparkling gown that flashes like a golden mirror, she is splendid and regal. 

“Áine.” Eara knows her, of course. Patroness of this race. Mother of many. Compassionate and kind Queen of the Sidhe. Eara’s Fair Goddess of the Sun.

Unlike the others, Áine is fully aware of the human presence. The Goddess turns to face Eara directly, smiles, and nods her radiant head. Eara stands and respectfully bows. Then Áine turns away, steps into her magical mist, and disappears.

“Oh, my dearest Áine Cliar! You really are the best-hearted woman who ever lived!”


Áine of the Gold Heart lyrics

 Áine of the Gold Heart,
Sunfire Queen of Fae!
Fair and radiant Áine Cli,
daughter of the Tuatha Dea!
Áine gives her people
precious grain to grow.
Her harp beguiles the gentle heart
and makes its poetry flow.

Áine’s many children roam the green hills.
It’s said she bore a fairy-human race.
People of that land call her the Sweetheart of the Sidhe.
And her image shines like gold on the water’s face.
Áine is the Red Mare.
Áine is the swan.
Áine walks enchanted hills,
and brings the fiery dawn.

Áine will not suffer men’s injustice!
Her wrath ignited rolls like a blazing tide.
But she has a special fondness for the good man.
When a man earns her favor, on the Red Mare he may ride!

We dance with the Fair Folk on Midsummer’s Hill.
We walk the land with burning sheaves of grain.
We watch the Red Mare stride her emerald hills and paint them gold.
And the vital spark she lights never grows old!

Red Mare of Dawn, stride on!
Red Mare of Dawn, stride on!
Red Mare of Dawn, stride on!
Red Mare of Dawn, stride on!

~ Words Copyright © 2020 by Diane Laura Rains. All Rights Reserved.

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