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Diane and Stu

Neptune's Keep is the married musical duo of Diane Rains and Stu Janis. We consider ourselves folk musicians, but the truth is, our music is hard to pigeonhole. One might even say we invented a musical genre or two. Neptune's Keep shares the mission we pursue with all of our Fae By Nature artistic endeavors: to instill in our listeners an inspired, emotive, informed understanding of our Earth, its habitats, and its animals. In pursuit of that goal, we've created and discovered some unusual sounds!

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Recordings by Neptune's Keep

Songs of Night Wings

Songs of Night Wings



City Beneath the Sea



Fish Who Changed The World CD

The Fish Who Changed The World



Faerie Fae

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Follow the dolphin, follow the tern, follow the music of Neptune's Keep! On our two YouTube channels, you'll find music videos, sneak previews of new songs, and livestreamed concerts.

Fae By Nature on YouTube features our current and new material. You can also watch Live From the Faerie Ring, a series of free livestreamed mini-concerts by Faerie Mermaid Galene and Salty Stuart in full fae splendor!




Our Fish Make Music YouTube channel celebrates the remarkable musicality of fish: goldfish who play the tuba and glockspiel, seahorses who dance the tango. Open your ears and your mind, and be astounded!

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